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First Ever Wild to Mild Mustang Program

Mark your calendars - October 9, 2020 is our next event, and you won't want to miss it! In June, we brought BLM wild mustangs home for veterans to gentle & train, some of them having nearly no horse experience. Each veteran claimed one, and their journey together began. Since starting the program, the horses have come a long way, but it is just a shadow of the progress the veterans have made - in their horsemanship and in their personal growth. One reflected that she is much more patient and kind with her children. Another shared that he's connecting with his significant other better because he's learning to be empathetic.

Working with a mustang requires one to let go of an insistence on doing things his way; progress only comes through partnership and communication. For these veterans, becoming a leader while staying an empathetic partner to their horses has had impacts far beyond the arena. 

After months and countless hours poured in, these veterans will say goodbye and send their mustangs off to new homes. On October 9, we are holding an open house for people to come meet the mustangs and veterans whose stories have captured so many hearts.

You can bid on the mustangs here, starting on Tuesday, October 6:

The online only auction closes at noon on Saturday, October 10.


We will have local brewing company, The Filling Station, serving their craft beer to go with hamburgers and hot dogs available that evening. You'll have a chance to learn more about the other programs we offer, buy tickets to some incredible veteran-made raffle items, and spend an evening with some special people and horses. The entry fee to the event is a $10 donation. You can pay at the door or ahead of time via PayPal here.

In the meantime, if you'd like to snag some WildFreedom gear to wear at the event, check out our current Bonfire campaign here.  All proceeds from the purchases go toward supporting our veteran programs. 

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Meet the Mustangs

Codi 4.jpg



Codi is a 6 year old mare from the Little Owyhee HMA in Nevada. Veteran Sue has been working with Codi. Sue named her horse Codi, in memory of the son she lost in 2019

134A4840 copy.jpg
Keiliki 2.jpg
134A4198 copy.jpg

Kaleki is a 4 year old mare from the Little Owyhee HMA in Nevada. Veteran Autumn has been working with Kaleki. Autumn gave Kaleki her name; it means "grace" in Hawaiian.


MercyMe 4.jpg

MercyMe is a 5 year old mare from the Spruce-Pequop HMA in Nevada. Stephanie has been working with MercyMe. 

134A4133 copy.jpg

miss fields

134A4351 copy.jpg

Miss Fields is a 3 year old mare from the Little Owyhee HMA in Nevada. Veteran Cyn has been working with Miss Fields.

Miss Fields.jpg


Odina is a 4 year old mare from the Snowstorm Mountain Range HMA in Nevada. Veteran Randy has been working with Odina.

134A4254 copy.jpg
Odina 2.jpg

Not in a position to purchase a mustang but still want to support what we do? Click here.

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Amanda Siembida, owner of Siembida Photography, donated her photography services to help us promote this program!  Make sure to check out her Instagram page and support her business.

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