Caring for our Partners - Our Horse Sponsorship Program

Each member of our herd has a very unique personality, but they all share traits in common that make them ideal for serving the participants in our therapeutic riding and veteran's programs. Horses that succeed in these roles tend to be between 10 and 20 years old and have a solid foundation of training and experience. They’re also kind and patient by nature, less reactive than the average horse, and in good health with sound walk, trot and canter movement – especially important for rider with physical challenges.


Running W Therapeutic Riding Center's horses serve approximately 100 clients during the year in our therapeutic riding and veteran's programs.  Running W Therapeutic Riding Center horse sponsorship program provides the funds to support the yearly cost of caring for our horses and helps underwrite feed, shavings, horseshoes, veterinary care, tack, stall management, and other indirect costs such as utilities, facilities maintenance, training and exercise for these wonderful animals.  In return, our horses offer the highest quality performance for our participants. A win-win!

Sponsorships are available to individuals, companies, clubs, or any other organization.

Sponsorships are fully tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)(3).  You or your organization will receive benefits for your generosity by acknowledging  your support on our website, hanging your banner in our arena at all RWTRC events along with a link to your business.

You can sponsor one of our therapy horses for $225 a month or in increments totaling $2,500 per year. These funds help pay for hay, grain, shoes, supplements, veterinarian care and medication for our beloved horses.

  • Or you can contribute towards…

    • Shoes/Trim (8 times/year) – $90/40

    • Teeth Floating – $150

    • Vaccinations – $100

    • De-Worming – $25

    • Chiropractic/Body work (3 sessions)-$270



13 year old mustang gelding.  He is 14.3 hands, has been at Running W Ranch since he was a 2 year old and is the leader in his herd.  He has been a fantastic trail horse since the age of 3.  When he is not on a trail ride, his passion putting smiles on kids faces. 

He is so kind, slow and intuitive to his riders.  

Owned by Don and Cyndie Wiltsie.


12 year old register buckskin quarter horse.  He is 16 hands and has been at Running W Ranch since he was a 2 year old.  He is an amazing trail horse, smooth and super fast if you let him run.  He is passionate about therapeutic riding.  He loves the kids and loves to play the games with them.  He likes to make kids laugh by picking up cones and tossing balls with his mouth.

Owned by Don and Cyndie Wiltsie.


13 year old paint gelding.  He is 15.2 hands and has been at Running W Ranch since he was a 2 year old.  He loves trail riding.  He is a wonderful therapy horse and lesson horse.  His favorite thing after a class or lesson is a bath.  He is very slow and careful with his riders.

Owned by Don and Cyndie Wiltsie.


15 year old Belgian/Haflinger draft paint mare.  She is 15.2 hands and is so sweet.  She is known around the ranch as Large Marge.  She is a crowd favorite because of her big brown eyes sweet face.  She loves trail riding and enjoys therapeutic riding and hearing the kids laughing and having fun.  She is a favorite with the veterans when it comes to playing soccer.  She is fast!!

Donated to Running W Ranch in 2012


24 year paint gelding.  He is 16 hands and is our "tried and true" go to horse.  He is wonderful with any rider whether in a riding lesson or therapeutic riding class.  He stays in gait and knows how to do pretty much anything asked of him.  He has arthritis in his shoulder and therefore retired as a trail horse but still had so much to offer, so he was donated to us in 2013.  We all just love him.


22 year old grulla quarter horse.  He is 16.1 hands and is one of our best therapeutic riding horses and a lesson horse as well.  He has miles of trial riding throughout his life.  He is so kind and easy for anyone to ride.  My best friend owned him since he was 5 years old and she and I made a promise years ago to take care of each other's horse if anything happened to either one of us.  Bugs came to us in 2016.  It blesses me to care for him and he is a wonderful reminder how precious life is.




If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to email, call, or drop us a line.



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