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Who comes to mind when you think of someone who impacted your life at a young age?  Someone who cared about your story and your future?  We have partnered with the Kootenai County Juvenile Probation Department to offer our youth outreach program, which provides this in a number of ways to adolescents on probation. 

This program is modeled similarly to our veterans' program, with three phases of connection, partnership, and trust.  Most students come with little to no horse experience.  By the end of the ten weeks, they leave with:

  • horse care knowledge (e.g. stall cleaning, grooming, hoof care)

  • natural horsemanship principles

  • basic horseback riding skills

Even more exciting than the horsemanship skills they gain during the course, our youth grow in confidence, purpose, and self-worth.  The horse, honest and trustworthy, provides an opportunity to learn the rhythms of a healthy partnership.  















Our volunteers play an important role.  We have found that these students simply need someone to believe in them and call out the best in them.  Our volunteers champion our students.  Their guidance, support, encouragement, consistency, and commitment are part of what makes this program so impactful.


Youth Outreach Program

         We all need a champion.

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